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Welcome to Phi Lamb

Sisterhood of diversity at Vanderbilt University bound by the love of Christ

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Who We Are

"Never have I ever joined an organization that made me feel so immediately welcomed and loved than Phi Lamb." -- Renee Chen, Class of 2018

Phi Lamb is a non-Panhellenic Christian sorority, which means that one can be a member of Greek life and Phi Lamb simultaneously! The chapter meets on Mondays at 8 pm at the Office of the University Chaplain and Religious Life, and chapter time is divided into social time, time to hear from a sister on what she's learning called a "devotional," and reflection time in small groups. During the year, Phi Lamb also celebrates social events such as semiformal, formal, philanthropy events, and many instances of ~organic bonding~. 

Click to learn more about one sister's experience in Phi Lamb! 

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Recruitment Night 1: PNM Picnic

Saturday, September 3rd 2-3 PM @ Wyatt Lawn

Meet us on Wyatt Lawn with a snack and a picnic blanket and get to know the sisters!

Recruitment Night 2: OPEN CHAPTER!

Monday, September 5th 8-9 pm @ BCM

Come and experience what our chapters are like at the BCM located on greek row across from Branscomb. 

Recruitment Night 3: Sisterhood Kickball Match

Wednesday, September 7th 3 PM @ Wilson Lawn

Play kickball like you used to at camp with the sisters and show us your athletic side!

Recruitment Night 4: Bonfire Under the Stars

Saturday, September 10th 6 PM @ BCM

Join us for a bonfire eating s'mores, singing, and sisterhood! 

Text Grace at 201-693-2688 if you have questions! 

You choose us - we don't choose you! 

If you are interested in joining Phi Lamb at Vanderbilt, you can attend a recruitment event and/or email or send us a DM @Vandyphilamb before September 10th, 2022.

Our officers (Grace, Vicki, Sarah, Mykayla, and Esther) are super quick to respond and are so excited to get to know you! 

Recruitment events are great ways to get to know the other sisters and see if Phi Lamb might be a good fit for you! 

If you want to join Phi Lamb or at least try it out, that's all it takes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

"What is the time commitment?" 

Chapter is 8-9:30 pm every Monday, which is a time to hear from a sister on what she is currently learning and to talk in small groups with other sisters in the chapter. If you are on the quieter side, know that however much (if any) you choose to talk, is totally lovely. There are also short prayer groups every week to meet up with a group of sisters for a small break, catch up, and pray about the next week. Social events and philanthropy are sprinkled in throughout the semester.

"I'm not sure about whether I have the time for Phi Lamb." 

Phi Lamb operates on a point system. Every chapter and event is a certain amount of points. Our Secretary, Esther, will work with you to make sure that you are able to meet those points- and remember, the objective of making points is to have accountability to creating community! So really our points system is an instrument of relationship-building in our chapter. And for us Vanderbilt students, Phi Lamb can often be a way to destress and just hang out with your sisters, away from the grind of studying and work. Also, sometimes there's cookies. :) 

"What if I'm not Christian/exploring my faith?" 

We're all in this life together! Phi Lamb offers a lowkey environment and everyone comes from such different backgrounds- from growing up with a tight home church and big Christian community to becoming curious about Jesus in college. Through the devotionals from each sister, short prayer groups during the week, and opportunities for growth and mentoring, Phi Lamb sisters walk with each other. 

"Can I still be in a Greek sorority?" 

Absolutely! Greek chapter is before Phi Lamb chapter, and we have definitely had girls do both in the past. 

"Is Phi Lamb denominational?"

No, Phi Lamb is not associated with any particular denomination. 

"How much does Phi Lamb cost?"

Dues change slightly from semester to semester, but are generally around $200 a semester. However, Phi Lamb is flexible and financially inclusive- sisters definitely work with our treasurer to determine how much they can pay. Financial obligations have definitely not been a barrier! 

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